Mayoral candidate Weizhen Tang gets confirmation that governments have racial bias in law enforcement

Mayoral candidate Weizhen Tang gets confirmation that governments have racial bias in law enforcement.  From Politico, Josh Gerstein:

Prosecutor alleges Department of Justice bias

A Justice Department prosecutor defied his superiors by testifying at a U.S. Civil Rights Commission hearing Friday, where he leveled an explosive allegation: top officials in the department gutted a voter intimidation case against a fringe African American militant group because the suspects were black and their alleged victims were white.

The prosecutor, Christopher Coates, also said the downgrading of the case against the New Black Panther Party was evidence of a Justice Department culture which discouraged “race neutral” enforcement…

“They have not pursued the goal of equal protection of the law for all people,” he said.


Read more:   By JOSH GERSTEIN | 9/24/10 10:52 AM EDT Updated: 9/25/10 9:01 AM EDT


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