Toronto Mayor Candidate Weizhen Tang claims racist bias by some Toronto police justice officials in David Chan shoplifter trial

October 6, 2010 – Toronto Mayor Candidate, Weizhen Tang, claims racist bias by some Toronto police justice officials in David Chan shoplifter trial.

Toronto Mayor Candidate, Weizhen Tang, today went to Toronto City Hall to support store owner, David Chan, facing various serious charges for holding a serial shoplifter. 

“People ask me, why I am running for Mayor of Toronto, while I am accused of fraud.” Tang says, looking around him at the court.  “I am running partly, to fight the injustice that I see here, in Mr. David Chan, case; fight the racist bias of some police and justice system.

“The other leading Mayoral candidates and Councillor candidates don’t offer their support to Mr. David Chan.  I am proud to support hardworking, law-abiding Toronto citizen in this great injustice by some Toronto police and justice officials!”

Weizhen Tang shakes his head, “The shoplifter is convicted serial theft and drug user!  Convicted 43 times.  Yet, the serial criminal, Mr Tony Bennett, is the hero to the Toronto police and justice system!  Serial theft and drug user is the key witness of some senior Toronto police and justice officials, to prosecute a law-abiding, hardworking, Toronto taxpayer and citizen!  This is abuse of power, great injustice against the good people of Toronto.”

“This is the Toronto government and legal system. Attack the hardworking, law-abiding citizens.  Like at Toronto G20, I watched while senior police, justice and government let criminals burn police cars and attack stores!  Then police arrest over 1000 Toronto citizens, almost all law-abiding citizens doing lawful activity!

“I am running because there may be great racist bias by some Toronto police and justice officials.  You can see the pattern.  Police and justice officials want to make example of fraud cases, and of citizen arrests, in my case and Mr. David Chan case.  But I ask you and the people of Toronto, is it coincidence that we are ethnic!?  The good people of Toronto, the ethnic citizens and newcomers to Toronto should consider that some Toronto police and justice officials pick ethnics as their scapegoat cases –while the Anglo Caucasian fraud and criminal suspect gets off!?  We are researching to confirm this impression vigorously now, after watching the injustice being done to people like Mr. David Chan and me!

“The Canadian and USA banks got billions, trillions in bailout.   Canadian banks and accounting firms help convicted fraudsters, and get no criminal charges.  But the law-abiding Toronto ethnics like Mr Chan and me, we are charged?!  Is this racist bias!?”

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