In David Chen case, Olivia Chow is a hypocrite of the highest and saddest order

In the David Chen case,  Olivia Chow is a hypocrite of the highest and saddest order

And some in the mainstream media are her greatest enabler; enabling Olivia Chow to portray herself as some hero, as she tries to take credit for helping David Chen, and making Toronto and Canadian communities safer, with a “new law.”

David Chen is the celebrity store owner who was charged by overzealous Toronto Police and justice officials for supposed vigilante-style confinement and assault of a shoplifer.  But it turns out the shoplifer, Anthony Bennett, was a serial criminal with 43 convictions for shoplifting and drugs.   Yet, these overzealous individual Toronto Police and prosecutors cut a deal with such a tainted criminal, Anthony Bennett, to be their key star witness against a law-abiding, hardworking shop owner! 

Olivia Chow is the local federal politician, Member of Parliament, MP, where David Chen’s store and Chinatown, are located.  So sensing a good photo-op, Chow rushed to Chen’s side, offering support against the evil shoplifter; and even putting forward now proposed legislation that would allow shop owners to more aggressively deal with shoplifters.

Even Canada’s leading politician, the law-and-order Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has jumped in, to suggest that the laws should indeed be reviewed and possibly amended! To the credit of the Prime Minister and his credit, his Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, UNLIKE Olivia Chow, PM Harper and Minister Kenneyd have always advocated a hardline, tough-on-crime stance; and jumped in early also, to support David Chen against the obvious injustice being done to law-abiding, hardworking store owners.  Shop owner charged with assault, while serial criminal walks free –cutting a deal, by the way, to be key witness of the Toronto Police and justice officials, against the shop owner!

So on October 29, 2010, all charges against  Chen were dismissed…  And since then, the media is flooded with photos of a victorious Member of Parliament, MP, Olivia Chow and David Chen together.   For the sake of community safety and community goodness, we cannot stand by and allow the hypocrisy of MP Olivia Chow and some in the mainstream media, to continue this false storyline without challenge. 

Weizhen Tang is accused of a ponzi scheme of $65 Million. He accuses some Toronto Police and justice officials too, of overzealous police charges; suggesting that these Toronto Police and justice officials are using Weizhen Tang and David Chen as convenient scapegoats for the problems and deficiencies of the Toronto police and justice system; with the racist attitude that the Chinese Canadian community is less likely to push back in activism and outrage.

Luckily, the Chinese Canadian community has mobilized, but more on this and Weizhen Tang’s accusations elsewhere on our blogsite.

It is this kind of incomplete, potentially bias media coverage that is hurting our city, society and the world today.  Media that are making the news to their agenda, rather than reporting the truth.  The truth shall set us free, indeed! –from the tyranny of those tainted media and tainted politicians.

The truth to the David Chen case and Olivia Chow

Firstly, early on, many in the mainstream media were suggesting that Chen was the criminal, a vigilante who deserved jail for such evil treatment of the poor shoplifter. 

Secondly, and by far worse, is the gall of MP Olivia Chow to so blazenly be proud of her support of David Chen, and her proposed bill to be tough on criminals, by extending the time period of what constitutes a legal arrest of a criminal in the “act” of the crime…  Olivia Chow and the NDP have helped to create the very criminals that attack hardworking, decent, law-abiding citizens like Mr. David Chen!

Olivia Chow and her NDP political party have been so pro-criminal, that Olivia Chow and the NDP have been practically against crime victims!  Time and time again, Olivia Chow and the NDP and their community supporters have always sought more lenient criminal laws, punishments, sentences; in favour of policies and laws that coddled the criminals like the serial shoplifter, Anthony Bennett, who stole from Mr. David Chen. 

Anthony Bennett, convicted –CONVICTED– 43 times, prior to being the star witness against a hardworking, newcomer store owner…   What laws, and social agency and government policies and ethos allowed this to happen?!

To many people, people like Mr. Bennett are partly due to Olivia Chow and the soft crime policies of the NDP, that have created serial criminals like Mr. Anthony Bennett.  Serial criminals are given soft time, two-for-one credit for time served; minimal sentences for crimes that violate physically, emotionally and spiritually, the victims.  Coddling the criminal, and punishing the criminals.  That is what many Canadian citizens have been complaining about for years. 

And now, Olivia Chow can dare to stand there, seeking credit for helping Mr. David Chow.

The hypocrisy, the illogical and inconsistency of Olivia Chow and her tainted mainstream media supporters and enablers is bad enough on a moral and spiritual level.  But most frightening, and what must be stopped, is the lack of accountability by Olivia Chow and politicians, and the media, that the David Chen case illustrates.  The media and the public cannot allow politicians like Olivia Chow to be pro-criminal for a lifetime, and then become pro-victim for a day of photo-ops and vote-grabbing.  

Holding politicians and their media enablers accountable in the case of David Chen, shall enable “the people” to hold politicians and their media enablers accountable in broader matters of government waste and corruption.


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