Big Ponzi Scheme is U.S. Federal Reserve reveals details of $2 Trillion in emergency loans

Big Ponzi Scheme is U.S. Federal Reserve reveals details of $2 Trillion in emergency loans

The U.S. Federal Reserve is required to reveal details of the $2 Trillion in emergency loans made during the financial crisis.  Many people wonder if this relevation shall help reveal the giant ponzi scheme that is now imploding around the world.

Earlier this year, Congress approved legislation and amendments that force the Fed to disclose the name of every company, and foreign central bank that received the emergency funding from the U.S. Federal Reserve,  since 2007; the amount and terms of each loan.

With the collapse of national economies around the world –the most recent victim being the $115 Billion bailout to Ireland– there is increasing public awareness about possible massive Wall Street and international government and corporate corruption and waste. 

The global economy is increasingly looking like a giant ponzi scheme, by Wall Street and its ponzi colleagues.  It is hoped that this data from the U.S. Federal Reserve shall shine some light on the reality of the massive bailouts to Wall Street, using the money of decent peoples of America and the world.


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