Toronto Libriaries, Public Health, Police all want more budget money from Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Libriaries, Public Health, Police all want more budget money from Mayor Rob Ford

Are Western governments a giant ponzi scheme? –spending billions and trillions of dollars, well beyond what is brought in –taken/stolen– from the increasingly stressed, overworked taxpayers…

Today, January 7, 2011, Toronto Public Health and Libraries announced budgets seeking increases, joining Toronto Police Chief’s call for a 3% increase!  BUT Mayor Rob Ford has asked for cuts in spending, as he prepares his first budget since election on October 25, 2010.

Toronto taxpayers are losing their jobs, losing their savings; facing higher taxes; and less services…

Yet, amazingly, Toronto Police is asking for more money this year.  Toronto Police Chief Blair “needs” a 3% increase! –despite calls by Mayor Rob Ford to cut spending by 5%, by all city departments!

The city of Toronto operating budget in 2010 was $9.2 Billion!!  City services are falling, taxes are up.  Mayor Rob Ford was elected on a platform of cutting taxes and “stopping the gravy train” of corrupt and wasteful polticians and bureaucrats. Yet, some Toronto government officials and politicians seem so completely out of touch with the people, who are struggling under a collapsing local and global economy…. 

A giant ponzi scheme in the making –or the collapse?!

Perhaps, it was not so crazy that Weizhen Tang ran for Mayor, on a similar platform of highlighting government and corporate waste, corruption and fraud?!

As Tang said, “You have politicians and bureaucrats raising taxes in this depression!  That is one of reason, I run for Mayor of Toronto.

I, Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, I am accused of stealing $65 Million.  The Ontario OSC and govenrment and Toronto Police charges me.  I face 60 years in jail.  BUT where are the charges against the American and Canadian politicians, bureaucrats and corporate CEO’s, who are stole billions, trillions from the public, from the good people of Toronto, Canada, USA, and the world!?”

Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett or the Chinese Bernie Madoff.  Weizhen Tang, candidate for Mayor of Toronto.  Toronto politicians, bureaucrats, seeking more budget money, in the midst of the worst economic collapse in history –partly created by government overspending and waste…   

Toronto Police seek increase.  Don’t want more officers.

Toronto Public Health can’t find any savings in a budget of some $170 Million!

Toronto Library Board “needs” a 2.6% increase –in the midst of the greatest economic decline!?

Some politicians and bureaucrats asking for more budget money, less than 3 months after voters overwhelming turfed Mayor David Miller; citizens voting against another Mayor, Mayor Miller’s, out of control spending and mounting budgets; citizens voting for government tax cuts.  Citizens voting against government spending and waste.  Voting against the gravy train.  

Yet today, still the Toronto Library Board, Toronto Police Chief, and Toronto Public Health, seek budget increases!?  

Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, the Chinese Bernie Madoff.  Who is more insane?!   A ponzi scheme is partly spending money, that one does not have…  like today’s governments; spending like drunken sailors…?!  Who is hurting the peoples of Toronto, Canada, the USA, China, and the world more?! 

Can Mayor Rob Ford help stop the insanity of some Toronto politicians and bureaucrats?!


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The Chinese Warren Buffett or the Chinese Bernie Madoff. The King of 1% with investment returns of 1% per week! Or a ponzi scheme. These are recessionary, depression economic times with increasing mass unemployment, financial Wall Street corruption and scams; bank failures and failed, huge government bailouts and stimulus. Check in daily to read about information that can save you, your family, your loved ones, in the upcoming economic and social chaos. Be welcome to email confidentially, your thoughts, information, whistleblower tips about Weizhen Tang, ponzi scheme, government and corporate waste and corruption! Email us confidentially anytime at:
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