Mayor Rob Ford: utmost confidence in Toronto Police Chief Blair

Mayor Rob Ford: utmost confidence in Toronto Police Chief Blair

The first City of Toronto budget by Mayor Rob Ford was released today, January 10, 2011.   A Toronto 2011 budget for $9.4 BILLION –billion!!!

The Toronto Police budget:  $914-million for 2011!

More importantly, and sadly, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair recently played his part in allowing one of the largest abuses of Toronto Canadian citizens at the Toronto 2010 G20 Summit.  Mass, arbitrary searches, arrests –using a law that Police Chief Blair misinterpreted –probably, deliberately so! Over 1000 arrested and detained!  And a deliberate decision by Chief Blair to not identify, charge and punish illegal and abusive Toronto Police actions against legitimate Toronto G20 Summit protesters!

And now to add insult to injury –madness to lunacy?! — the Toronto Police Chief Blair met with Mayor Rob Ford, their first meeting since Mayor Ford was elected on October 25, 2010.   Mayor Ford requested Toronto departments and bureaucrats to provide 5% budget decreases.  Police Chief Blair instead requested an increase of 3% !!

This is the manner of government today? 

Citizens of Toronto and the world should be sad, indeed.  After the meeting today, the Chief met with Mayor Ford  on Monday at City Hall; the two emerged smiling.

“We’ve had a fantastic meeting,” said Mayor Ford. “The city should be very fortunate that we have a chief representing us and making sure this city is safe, like Chief Blair has been doing for years. And I have the utmost confidence in the chief to continue doing the job.”

Weizhen Tang’s reaction, “This is amazing.  The Toronto Police arrest people arbitrarily.  They arrest over 1000 at G20 protests –legitimate protests against the G20 Summit, and its role in such things as the Wall Street frauds. 

“but instead the Toronto Police arrest and charge me.”

Tang shook his head, “Police abuse human and citizen rights.  And they ask for more money from the Toronto budget?!  The world economy is falling.  but Toronto politicians and bureaucrats, and Police want MORE budget, monies.  This is part of the government ponzi scheme, not me!”

“Citizens, voters must stand up against Mayor Rob Ford, Chief Blair, and all people, who attack the human rights, and citizens of Toronto and Canada.”  Tang waves his hand at signs that he created to protest the Toronto Police human rights abuses during the Toronto G20 Summit in 2010.


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