Media and Politicians already use killing of Toronto Police Officer Ryan Russell

Media and Politicians already use killing of Toronto Police Officer Ryan Russell

Firstly, most importantly, R.I.P. Sergeant Ryan RussellOur deep sympathies to his wife and family, and the many outstanding Toronto Police officers.

That should be all that is said today; but sadly, so many are rushing already to benefit from the tragic killing of Sergeant Ryan Russell.  Ironically, many of these people holding media conferences, making statements, or making news reports, are partly to blame for the death of Sergeant Ryan Russell….

Local Toronto radio station, CFRB, is going to do its rush hour broadcast LIVE from the site of Officer Russell’s killing.  Disgusting.

Hopefully, the media won’t just sensationalize, but shall do its higher duty, and dare to look at the deeper issues that contributed to the death of a distinguished, decent Toronto Police Officer.  Example, what if Sergeant Russell had backup officers, more training, a helicopter, disabling equipment…?!

So now we have the Premier of Ontario, the Mayor of Toronto, the media, all rushing already to do the compassionate, caring parade of their typical sober, touching statements about the fallen officer, the Toronto Police Force, etc. 

Then the politicians and media go back to “business as usual,” and ignore the government waste and corruption, that left Sergeant Ryan Russell and his fellow police officers with shrinking resources, fewer fellow officers…  Actually, kudos to newly elected Mayor Rob Ford and the good people, who challenged government waste and corruption all these years.  Sadly, many other politicians and media have not been listening…  Too late, for Sergeant Russell, sadly.

Hopefully, the killing of Officer Russell shall not be an excuse for bad politicians and media to let important city and societal issues fall; using Officer Russell’s death to mindlessly push for more money for their tainted, wasteful programs.  More thoughtful money and thinking might have helped save Officer Russell.  RIP, Officer Russell.

The media and politicians have their agendas.   Before the economy got so bad, that they could not hide it any longer, most politicians were painting a picture that the world and economy was dandy!  And the media stood by, for years, while CEO’s, and Wall Street fraudsters stole billions and trillions of dollars from the good peoples of America, North America and the world.

Now, some politicians and media are already using the killing of Toronto Police Officer Ryan Russell, to shape the news and their storylines again. 

There is today, wall-to-wall coverage of the personal tragic killing of Toronto Police Officer Ryan Russell.  The plot is predictable: touching stories about the distinguished record of Officer Russell; the evil, deranged driver of the snowplow, justifying –rightly so, if true– the police shooting the driver.  The typical statements by the politicians expressing their anger/sadness/sympathies to the family/support for the police… 

What a disgusting picture of political, business opportunism before Officer Ryan Russell’s body is even cold…  

By allowing massive government waste and corruption, these people contributed to the fact that Officer Russell was forced to confront a madman ALONE on a snowy street this morning!

Sadly, later it may be shown that Officer Russell may have jumped too quickly out of his car, endangering himself, unnecessarily.  Officer Russell shall still a hero.  He put himself in danger, because he thought it was the right thing to do –to protect and serve…

Our humble thanks and R.I.P. Sergeant Ryan Russell

Sadly, judging from the media to this moment, the deeper, broader issues will probably be lost; example, if there had been a police helicopter, or 3 other police cars and officers with Toronto Police Officer Russell, he might NOT have felt compelled to leave his car to protect the public;  to face a snowplow driver, known to be on a rampage!?   Why was there not enough money for helicopters, more officers?  Where has the taxpayers money gone?

Have the politicians and the Toronto Police Service Board partly failed Officer Ryan Russell and the citizens of Toronto and Canada?  

Is government waste and corruption partly to blame for Officer Ryan’s killing –money squandered on silly projects, left Officer Ryan Russell ALONE facing a crazed driver on a snowy morning today? 

Will the media just do the sensational, emotional storyline on the killing of Sergeant Ryan Russell? 

Will the media spend some of its wall-to-wall coverage on the bigger issues of police and community safety; or shall the moment be lost, and Officer Ryan Russell’s killing be just another sensational headline to sell more newspapers and get ratings… 

Hopefully, the good officers of the Toronto Police and the good citizens of Toronto shall stand together, to see that Toronto Police Officer, Sergeant Ryan Russell, shall not die in vain.

RIP Officer Ryan.  Thanks, good officers of the Toronto Police.


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2 Responses to Media and Politicians already use killing of Toronto Police Officer Ryan Russell

  1. Future copper says:

    if the toronto police helicopter it would had made a difference cause now a days criminals are getting away cause we don’t have helicopters and by the time police dog services arrives the criminals are out of the area perimeters work but a chopper with infa-red will work better

    • weizhen tang says:

      You are right, Future copper. If politicians didn’t waste so much money, we would have the money for important, useful priorities like police helicopters. Let’s get rid of bad politicians!

      Thanks your thought and effort, Future.

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