Chinese Warren Buffett Weizhen Tang offers Real Time Forex Trading Demo

WORLD MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: Chinese Warren Buffett Weizhen Tang offers Real Time Forex Trading Demo

The so-called Chinese Warren Buffett, Weizhen Tang, is promoting a real time forex trading demo!   With the world economy in turmoil, such a demo is a great risk, indeed.  It is an enormous huge risk, given that Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, is also labelled the Chinese Bernie Madoff; and is formally charged and accused of cheating some 200 invest0rs of over $65 Million.

Weizhen Tang –One of Canada’s worst ponzi schemes

Tang’s boldness is incredible, launching a real time FOREX trade demo, days before his next court hearing of February 14, 2011, where he faces charges as one of Canada’s worst ponzi schemes.  If convicted, he faces over 60 years of jail time.

Tang proudly claims a 1.5% increase in his FOREX demo account!  Tang, of course, called himself the “King of 1%” –because of his claims of being able to achieve daily returns of 1% for his clients.

Of course, this failed 1% return is one of the most powerful charges against Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, and the Metro Toronto Police and OSC, Ontario Securities Commission.  

Is this real time FOREX trade demo, a demo of the bold ego of Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett?  Or is this the Chinese Warren Buffett’s bold step to show his ability to the people of Canada, China and the world; and show up the Metro Toronto Police, and the OSC?

Will Weizhen Tang emerge as the Chinese Warren Buffett, or the Chinese Bernie Madoff, with this real time Forex trade demo?  Can Tang maintain his 1% return on investment in this FOREX trade demo?  Or shall Tang crash again, as he did with the $65 Million belonging to his investors?

Some of Tang’s investors state publicly that they gave the Chinese Warren Buffett their life savings.  Some of Weizhen Tang’s investors even borrowed money from the banks or from friends and relatives.

The eyes of the world and the media may be on Tunisia and Egypt; but the world’s and media’s attention may shift again to Weizhen Tang’s trial and this surprising real time Forex trading demo.

Following below is an excerpt from Weizhen Tang’s annoucement of his real time Forex trading demo, inviting the public to register to watch his demo.

Amazingly, a week exactly away from his next court hearing in Toronto, the Chinese Warren Buffett boldly invites people to watch for themselves, whether Weizhen Tang is the next Chinese Warren Buffett, or the next Bernie Madoff!

Sadly, can Tang prove anything in a few days of trading?  Will this real time FOREX trading demo do anything to change the minds of his investors, the Metro Toronto Police, the OSC, the peoples of Canada, China and the world, who have already judged Weizhen Tang as a Chinese Warren Bufffett, or the Chinese Bernie Madoff.

Is Tang fighting to show the world about the financial fraud of Wall Street?  Can he ?

Please join my meeting that is currently in progress
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Please join my meeting that is currently in progress.

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