Toronto Community Housing: Racism by some Toronto politicians and media?!

Toronto Community Housing: Are some Toronto politicians and media racists?!

An Asian City official, Toronto Community Housing CEO Keiko Nakamura; and her black Toronto Community Housing Chairman David Mitchell.  They are front page news right now –and rightly so– for possible HUGE abuses and fraud of their government agency’s expense accounts, procurements, and programs. 

But interestingly, the Deputy Manager overseeing their housing department gets much less media attention in this HUGE ongoing scandal of city government mismanagement and wild spending.

The fundamental issue is right and proper; and these two people, CEO Nakamura and Chairman Mitchell deserve to be fired –and probably charged with criminal fraud!? 

 On Monday, Feb. 28, 2011, the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, and the City of Toronto’s Auditor General has discovered huge, HUGE inefficiencies, waste and possible fraud in the city’s housing agency, Toronto Community Housing Corporation, TCHC. 

Mayor Rob Ford calls upon TCHC CEO Keiko Nakamura, TCHC  Chair David Mitchell and the whole civilian board to resign….  

Millions of dollars in untendered contracts; and lesser amounts, but equally vile employee expenses, spa, resort retreats, manicures for Toronto City Housing officials… while citizens are homeless….

Rightly so, media photos and stories citing the tainted, accused Toronto Community Housing CEO Keiko Nakamura and Chariman David Mitchell are plastered all over the media, the internet, the newspapers…

BUT a secondary –much quieter, much quieter– story emerged the same day, as the problems of CEO Nakamura, and Chairman Mitchell!  –that the Deputy City Manger, Sue Corke, resigned.  

You would think this would be a much BIGGER story given that Sue Corke, Deputy City Manager, oversaw various City services, like Affordable Housing, Economic Development, Parks, Priority Neighborhood programs, the 311 customer service centre –all areas under attack by citizens!

But is it coincidence only, that the Caucassian face and name does not get the same negative  attention by the media and politicians.  Tainted top City of Toronoto bureaucrat responsible for the tainted city portfolio of public housing resigns: Sue Corke, Deputy City Manager.  But the ethnic names get much more attention and profile: Asian CEO Keiko Nakamura and black Chairman David Mitchell?!

TCHC CEO Keiko Nakamura and TCHC Chairman David Mitchell deserve every criticism from the media and the public, for the evil that they did, and allowed to happen on their watch. 

But sadly, one must wonder if the pile-on of criticism now by some in the media, and by some politicians is partly driven further, by the fact that conveniently, these two high-profile officials are ethnic, and not white?! 

Mayor Rob Ford was quoted often all through the day: “Ms. Nakamura will be meeting very shortly with me to discuss her future. I’m going to reserve comment on (whether she will be removed) until after I talk to her one on one.”

“Board chair David Mitchell has been asked to resign.”

We will move as quick as we can with the new appointments.”

Nakamura became interim CEO in May 2009, and permanent CEO in February 2010 following the departure of former CEO Derek Ballantyne (chairman from 2002-2009).  Nakamura was then CEO under Derek Ballantyne between 2005-2009.

Build Toronto First COO was TCHC CEO!

In 2009, major City of Toronto venture, Build Toronto,  named Derek Ballantyne, its first Chief Operating Officer, by then, now disgraced, Toronto Mayor David Miller!

What a major problem issue!  Yet, where is the outcry by the media and politicians?  Is it because CEO Derek Ballantyne is white; part of the white establishment?!

The heat is mostly on CEO Keiko Nakamura.  She has been quoted as saying: “As the audit reveals, I conducted myself with complete integrity in how I conducted my business,” Nakamura said. “Obviously, others were not held to the same standard.”

TCHC is North America’s largest landlord, with some 164,000 tenants and a $6 billion housing portfolio.

Sad. Sad. Sad.


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One Response to Toronto Community Housing: Racism by some Toronto politicians and media?!

  1. Chico says:

    She is now taking over the CEO position in Goodwill Industries Toronto – another disaster waiting to explode in public, and very similar to TCHC.

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