Tea Party Independent Candidate , Jack Davis, has hit the big leagues, with a “smackdown” video on internet.

Tea Party Independent Candidate , Jack Davis, has hit the big leagues, with a “smackdown” video on internet. 

Dirty tricks by Jack Davis election opponents –they must be worried!

The video was purported to show Congressional Candidate, Jack Davis, assaulting an innocent bystander –with a videocam!– who was questioning Davis.  Let’s not waste more time as this….  It is being reported now: 2011 May 12:. 1:28 pm, ET, that the “bystander” taping Davis and the “assault” was  a top official –even possibly, Chief of Staff– with Republican candidate, Jane Corwin!

The greatness and goodness of America, Canada and the world is being corrupted, wasted, by such dirty tricks by the elitist politicians and corporations –so desperate to keep their power!

Good luck to people like Jack Davis!  We need good people in government now.  Consider Jack Davis’s powerful, dynamic statement at his website! —

I’m running for Congress because politicians from both parties have lost touch with our heritage. Instead of doing what’s right – Washington is listening to Wall Street special interests who have no loyalty to our country and who send our jobs and our know-how overseas. They’re selling out the future of our country for short term profit.


It’s time we get back to the ‘can do’ spirit that made America great. Nothing is more important than American jobs for Americans.

To Jack Davis, you can only say: God bless America! 

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