President Obama gets new debt ceiling deal

President Obama gets new debt ceiling deal

The House and now the USA Senate has passed a new debt ceiling deal!  HUGE DRAMA.  A HUGE FRAUD upon the American people and the world.

First there were the 2008-2010 USA bailouts by the federal USA Government and President Bush and President Obama.  That money has been shown to have gone mostly to friends and contacts of government officials, and President Obama and the Democrat Party.

So now, with the Debt Ceiling Crisis 0f August 2, 2011, Obama and the Democrats get to waste/steal another $2 Trillion, increasing the USA debt ceiling, the amazing, unsustainable sum of $17 TRILLION dollars!

The Republicans get to say that they “tried their best” to get government spending under control. 

But fortunately, the people of the USA and the world are starting to see the truth behind the fraud! 

Part of the agreement to allow this debt increase is that there is to be huge cuts to government spending?!  What huge cuts; the government spending ceiling went UP over $2 Trillion dollars –$2 Trillion dollars!!!!!

Sadly, the USA and Canadian government officials saw to spend the time, money and resources investigating and charging Weizhen Tang for fraud.  Yet, the HUGE fraud of the USA and Canadian stock exchanges; and now the trillions of USA taxpayers dollars is being ignored.  No arrests, no charges, while trillions of taxpayers dollars are being basically stolen; given to banks that are keeping the money, not giving loans to the American people; and hurting the American economy and society!  It is being shown that some of this bailout money is helping USA banks invest in other countries outside of the USA!

Sadly, what is being stolen by corrupted and unaccountable government leaders and bureaucrats is the very precious life energy and money of generations previous; and future generations of Americans.  This new debt ceiling deal increase may be the beginning of the end of America, as the most powerful nation in the world.

Hopefully, this USA debt ceiling crisis shall be the beginning of the fall of such evil politicians and bureaucrats.

Luckily, there were politicians in both the Congress and the Senate that voted against the mad insanity of the new debt ceiling deal.  So perhaps, there is hope for America and the world yet.   Hopefully, the American people are seeing through the spin of the politicians, their corrupted political parties, and their media supporters. 

The American people, and the peoples of the world have the chance to reclaim the world, from such evil people, trying to oppress the world.  And the drama, lies, led by President Obama, members of Congress and the US Senate, used to justify the new debt ceiling deal, can be the beginning of a new movement of all sincere and decent peoples.



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