Voter fraud, voter suppression fraud, bias in election, bias in media. The fraud and bias in the system

Voter fraud, voter suppression fraud, bias in election, bias in media.  The fraud and bias in the system

New York, November 6, 2012 — On USA Presidential Election Day 2008, New Black Panther Party member, Jerry Jackson, was charged with  voter  intimidation; along with Minister King  Samir Shabazz, by  the Department of Justice.  Charges were dropped.

Today Presidential Election 2012,  Jerry Jackson, was  outside a Philadelphia voting poll again, wearing the Black Panther Party’s infamous black beret, combat uniform.  In the same district as his 2008 charges –the 14th Ward, at 1221 Fairmount  Ave!

This year, September 2012, Black Panther members have called for the killing of whites and Jews.  Neither the Democratic Party, nor the oh-so-righteous Democratic-left-leaning mainstream media have disassociated themselves from the Black Panther Party.

As there was in 2008, there is concern in 2012, that the presence of the Black Panthers are intimidating voters, especially white voters –who may be more likely to vote Republican.

There was public outcry that there was racial bias in dropping the voter intimidation charges, by Democratic Attorney General  Eric Holder, and the Democratic Obama administration. 

Sadly, some people claimed this decision by the Government, showed racial bias. i.e., that the race of the voter victims being “white,” was part of the rationale in dropping the charges!   The   United States Commission on Civil Rights is amongst the groups investigating the case.

Sadly, the acceptance of the Black Panther voter intimidation by the ruling Government, Justice and Democratic Party is another sign of the existence of systemic voter fraud, systemic bias in the election process; and the systemic bias of the media in America today; the bias of “the system,” in general. 

Ironically, Weizhen Tang was convicted by Judge Alfred O’Marra, one week ago exactly.  This US election cycle points to the  fraud and bias in “the system” today; the fraud and bias that Weizhen Tang tried to point out in his trial as a ponzi scheme fraud.

While Weizhen Tang has been convicted of fraud, as the Chinese Warren Buffett, Tang’s defense included, trying to point to the abuse of power, and the abuse of process of the system; the fraud and bias of some of those in the media, in the justice system. 

The Presiding Judge in the Tang trial, Judge Alfred O’Marra, basically shut down Weizhen Tang’s bias arguments, in his instructions to the jury; instructing the jury to completely disregard the raising of various other fraud cases, where Weizhen Tang tried unsuccessfully to suggest bias by the OSC, Ontario Securities Commission and Toronto Police.  Tang questioning why he was charged criminally, while these other much larger ponzi cases were not subjected to criminal charges.

Sadly, regardless of the winner in today’s US Presidential Election 2012, Obama vs Romney, the fraud and bias of “the system,” the media, the judicial system, are increasing in the United States and Canada –two of the supposed bastions of democracy, justice and freedom in the world.



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