Benghazi: Obama Romney Presidential Election Campaign 2012 shows the Bias in Media and Justice System

Benghazi: Obama Romney Presidential Election Campaign 2012 shows the Bias in Media and Justice System

New York. November 7, 2012 — The sad, extraordinary bias of the Western media and justice system has been revealed with the Benghazi Libya attack of September 11, 2012. 

With President Obama returned to a second term, yesterday, hopefully, the media and politicians shall move beyond the election politics, and return to asking the tough questions about one of the most tragic coverups in modern American government: the Benghazi Libya attack and killing of the US Ambassador, Ambassador Stevens, and three other American citizens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods. (RIP)

The Benghazi Libya September 11, 2012 attack has more distortions and contortions than a circus.  Originally, Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, et al, blamed the Libya attack on an anti-Muslim video.   It was eventually revealed that the US Government system, from State, to the CIA, to the White House, knew in practically real-time, that the real cause of the Libya attack was a pre-planned, pre-meditated attack by terrorists. 

Such news broke a few weeks later, yet American TV mainstream media network, ABC, waited two days to break the story to the public; while NBC and CBS waited another 3 days!

Other news broke –probably by insider whistleblowers overwhelmed by the coverup of the murder of  the US Ambassador and three other decent, brave American citizens.   Claims and denials of emails and warnings, to State, by the Ambassador about prior attacks, embassy security.

The facts began to show an emerging picture of an extensive tragic failure and coverup by the Obama National Security and State departments. 

Yet the bias American mainstream media and justice systems basically buried the story.  During one of the most public, most intense, most media-covered US Presidential campaigns, the bias of the left-wing mainstream media has been starkly revealed.   The story was basically buried.  Imagine the media frenzy if the sitting President was NOT President Obama; but instead a Republican!

The Libya attack has been basically buried by the mainstream media now.  The killing –the murder– of the US Ambassador and 3 other decent, brave American citizens was to be characterized as being caused by a YouTube video! 

The bias of the left-wing mainstream media became sadly pathetic and clear, during the Second Presidential Debate between Obama and Romney; where the Debate MODERATOR, CNN Candy Crowley, showed the true bias of the media, and LIED to the American people and the world.  She defended Obama as characterizing the Benghazi attack as terrorism.  This was NOT true.  Yet the left-leaning, bias media supported that CNN Candy Crowley lie, and even praised her for it, to this day!

Sadly, one wonders rhetorically, if Obama was NOT the sitting President during the Benghazi Libya attack.  If the US President was a Republican, would the left-leaning bias mainstream media have asked for –demanded!– the immediate impeachment of the President of the United States, for the inaction, coverup of the murder of the US Ambassador and 3 other decent, brave American citizens. 

And neither has the US justice system sought out the people responsible for the failures and coverup of the US Libya Embassy security, that resulted in the deaths –murder– of the US Ambassador and 3 other brave, decent, innocent Americans. 

In a sad irony, the great democratic Presidential election process of the United States, has revealed the pathetic bias of some of those in the Western media and justice systems.


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