WORLD EXCLUSIVE: After 21 days in jail, convicted ponzi scheme fraud, Chinese Warren Buffett, Weizhen Tang, seeks bail again!

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Convicted ponzi scheme fraud, Chinese Warren Buffett, Weizhen  Tang, seeks bail again tomorrow –after spending exactly 21 days already in jail!

November 21, 2012 –Toronto— According to sources, Weizhen Tang, the self-proclaimed Chinese Warren Buffett, shall be seeking bail tomorrow, after being convicted of criminal fraud on October 30, 2012.

Investment manager, Weizhen Tang was convicted of criminal fraud on October 30, by a jury, after raising some $60 Million Canadian dollars, over some 3 years and some 200 investors.

Accused of being a ponzi scheme fraud, a Chinese Bernie Madoff, Tang attracted investors mainly from his own ethnic community, wealthy Chinese community in Canada, the USA, and China. Promoted as the “Chinese Warren Buffett,” Tang quickly fell last month, becoming the world’s Chinese Bernie Madoff, literally overnight.  Until 2009 investigations by Canadian OSC and USA SEC government securities regulators, Tang was one of the world’s most prolific, rising Chinese financial star.

On October 30, immediately following the jury’s guilty verdict, fearing Weizhen Tang was a flight risk, the Canadian Government prosecutors –called “Crown” attorneys–Crown attorneys, Rob Gattrell and Gavin Macdonald , requested the revocation of Tang’s bail.   Reserving his decision overnight, Justice Judge Alfred O’Marra was open to Tang’s bail, and freedom, pending his sentencing on November 28, 2012.  But in a strange, unexpected cascade, one of Tang’s bail surety withdrew, while his other surety, his wife, Hong Xiao Tang, was striken as a surety by Judge Alfred O’Marra.

Without surety, Judge O’Marra ordered Weizhen Tang into jail custody.  Led away in handcuffs, the Chinese Warren Buffett, left his wife, Hong Xiao, in the courtroom, sobbing on her hands and knees.  That was October 31, 2012.

Today, November 21, 2012, confidential sources state that Tang has a new bail hearing tomorrow, before Judge O’Marra.  Tang’s wife, Hong Xiao, has spoken with two new surety candidates, she hopes shall be appropriate to Judge O’Marra.

Sources note that the surety have the necessary financial strength required by Judge O’Marra.  But there may be yet another obstacle to Tang’s freedom, as the surety are believed to be seeking a media publication ban of their names!

In today’s modern Internet and social media era, one wonders how the surety shall preserve their privacy.  So Tang’s bail and freedom may not be assured, as he and family face collapse of their business and personal lives.

To increase the challenge to Tang and his wife tomorrow, in their bid for Tang’s bail, Tang’s court-appointed amicus lawyer, Mr Peter Boushy, is reportedly unable to appear at Tang’s bail hearing tomorrow.

Sources tell this world exclusive, that Tang’s wife, Xiao Hong, shall be left to plead Weizhen Tang’s bail alone, before Judge Alfred OMarra, without lawyer or amicus.

In any case, in less than 12 hours now, Weizhen Tang and his wife, Xiao Hong, shall be in court to seek bail and release of the Chinese Warren Buffett from jail, where the Chinese Bernie Madoff, Weizhen Tang, convicted ponzi scheme fraudster, has resided exactly 21 days, since his conviction for criminal fraud.  If successful, Weizhen Tang, still faces years in jail, the infamous legacy of being a ponzi scheme fraud, and the ultimate end of his Chinese Warren Buffett dream.

The saga continues for the world’s Chinese Warren Buffett.


About weizhen tang

The Chinese Warren Buffett or the Chinese Bernie Madoff. The King of 1% with investment returns of 1% per week! Or a ponzi scheme. These are recessionary, depression economic times with increasing mass unemployment, financial Wall Street corruption and scams; bank failures and failed, huge government bailouts and stimulus. Check in daily to read about information that can save you, your family, your loved ones, in the upcoming economic and social chaos. Be welcome to email confidentially, your thoughts, information, whistleblower tips about Weizhen Tang, ponzi scheme, government and corporate waste and corruption! Email us confidentially anytime at:
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One Response to WORLD EXCLUSIVE: After 21 days in jail, convicted ponzi scheme fraud, Chinese Warren Buffett, Weizhen Tang, seeks bail again!

  1. Ted says:

    If you believe he didnt hid money, you have to ask yourself why he went through all this??? to give wealth to his investors?? He was very expliciti as to how he managed and lost the money and I firmly believe he had to hide the money away, nobody would go through all this just to make other people wealthy.

    His sentencing his November 28 so getting bail for just a few days of freedom doesnt seem to be worth it. I honestly believe he has lost sense of reality and what is about to happen to him.

    true sociapath

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