Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Weizhen Tang are found guilty, almost exactly month apart

Toronto –November 26, 2012 —

On October 30, 2012, Weizhen Tang, the infamous Chinese Warren Buffett, was convicted of ponzi fraud of $52 Million.   Almost 1 month after the ponzi scheme conviction of Weizhen Tang, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is convicted today of conflict-of-interest charges, and removed as Mayor of Toronto!  Toronto is Canada’s largest city.

In an amazing moment, Mayor Rob Ford is forced out of office, because of a $3,150 donation to his youth football charity.  Because Mayor Ford both wrote his donation solicitations on official City stationery; and that the donation was made by a company that did business with the city of Toronto;  City of Toronto’s Integrity Commissioner ordered Mayor Ford to refuse the money, and repay the money to the donor.  Mayor Ford refused.  With a majority vote by City Council, the order against Mayor Ford, for repayment, was dropped. 

And this is what is the subject of Mayor Rob Ford’s legal action.  According to the decision, Mayor Ford SHOULD have declared a conflict of interest, and should NOT  have voted on the issue of repayment.  But Mayor Ford stubbornly, defiantly, and/or stupidly, did vote!

So now, today, November 26, 2012, Mayor Ford is found guilty of breaching a Municipal of Code, and is ordered out of office.

Like Weizhen Tang case, there are deeper issues here, beyond the legal malfeasance convictions of two individuals, Mayor Rob Ford and Weizhen Tang. 

One of the reasons the Judge, Judge Charles Hackland, cited in finding Mayor Rob Ford guilty, was Mayor Ford’s “stubborn sense of entitlement.”  Supposedly, the Mayor felt entitled to do as he wanted, fundraising on City stationery, etc., regarding his pet project; coaching and supporting a football foundation to help troubled and vulnerable youth…

Entitlement by politicians, as a grounds for removing a democratically elected Mayor Rob Ford.  

By the way, Mayor Ford beat his Mayoralty campaign opponents OVERWHELMINGLY in the election.

This entitlement comment by the Judge, Superior Court Justice Charles Hackland, is very ironic; given how Mayor Rob Ford successfully revealed a massive sense of entitlement at City Hall, including workers, manager, and at the top, with elected City Councillors.  City Councillors had their big office expense accounts, and resisted with furor at having their pet expense accounts threatened and then actually cut by Mayor Rob Ford.   Did the world fall apart after the expense accounts were cut?! NO.

Deficit problems of tens and hundreds of millions of dollars at the City of Toronto, today!  Not enough money for the needy, the poor, the vulnerable.  But the politicians and Judges have the time to pick out Mayor Rob Ford’s conflict-of-interest donation matter of $3,150.  A donation that did NOT go directly to the Mayor’s pocket, but to a charity for troubled and vulnerable youth…

Judge Charles Hackland, cites in his decision, that Mayor Rob Ford had a “stubborn sense of entitlement.”    Funny, most people of Canada, the USA and the world would suggest that many Judges, politicians, City Councillors, city managers and staff, are the ones with a stubborn sense of entitlement. 

Many of these Government officials  are the ones with a sense of “entitlement,” and are the people that are truly out of touch with the hardworking taxpayers, and decent, good people of Toronto, Canada, and the world. 

The world is crumbling politically, socially.  Billions and trillions of dollars have been stolen, wasted by government and corporate malfeasance. 

Arguably, Mayor Rob Ford has revealed the most, and taken action against the most waste, corruption, and incompetence at the city of Toronto’s history…   Mayor Rob Ford, certainly, deserves punishment for his conflict-of-interest breach.  BUT while other politicians and bureaucrats just slide away, with their big bonuses, salaries and perks…

Ironic that Mayor Ford is forced from the Mayor’s office today.  Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett/Chinese Bernie Madoff, is due in court in just another day, November 28, 2012, to begin his sentencing hearing, before Justice Judge Alfred O’Marra.  Like Mayor Ford’s Judge; Weizhen Tang’s Judge, Judge Alfred O’Marra, is also of the Province of Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice.

Confidential sources suggest the Chinese Warren Buffett is facing some 5-7 years, or more, in jail!

Yet, bigger questions exist. for the public and the  justice system, in the cases of Mayor Rob Ford, and the Chinese Warren Buffett/Bernie Madoff, Weizhen Tang.

Both these figures were enabled by a system.  Mayor Rob Ford had a majority of City Councillors voting with him to strike down the Integrity’s demands of repayment of the controversial donations, that led to today’s removal of the Mayor from office.  

A majority of the City’s politicians VOTED in support of the Mayor, on the very matter that is now deemed so offensive, to force the removal of a democratically-elected Mayor!

Recently, another politician, another Toronto City Councillor, Kyle Rae, billed taxpayers for his retirement party!  His legal punishment? Zero. Zero. Zero.  12,000 zeros.


In the case of Weizhen Tang, there exists a system that supposedly enabled Weizhen Tang to create one of Canada’s largest ponzi scheme frauds: a system of stockbrokers, bankers, trading houses, major banks; all transacting and holding his accounts; all making commissions and bonuses.  And politicians busy attending and smiling at the big, public events of the now-convicted ponzi scheme fraud, Weizhen Tang.


In Mayor Ford’s case, the public and mainstream media should be wondering about all the greater proven fraud, corruption and waste at Toronto City Hall, in the financial and political systems of Canada and the USA.  

The people responsible in these massive frauds around the world, are not held accountable, it seems.  No one is fired, demoted, nor jailed, it seems.  In fact, Toronto City Hall is becoming infamous for its large staff, large salaries, perks and bonuses –living muich better than the recession-hit taxpayers of Toronto and the world!! 

Just right-wing prattle?!  In the Canadian province of Quebec, right now, several Mayors and bureaucrats are resigning, as allegations of a massive illegal government bribery system emerge…

Ironically, Weizhen Tang ran for Mayor of Toronto, against Rob Ford!

Also sad  is that just outside of Toronto, is the city of Mississauga, where their Mayor, Mayor Hazel McCallion, seems to be getting away with her massive conflict-of-interest land matters, involving her and her son’s company.  She claimed ignorance, in matters before her City of Mississauga, that involved a potentially huge land dealing, involving her son, Peter McCallion; and major companies and even government worker pension funds!

It would be sad if Mayor Rob Ford, and Weizhen Tang, are found guilty, as empty scapegoats, while bigger problems, waste, corruption, in the justice and government systems go, unpunished; and while the good people of Canada, the USA, China and the world, suffer.

The true test of justice in the cases of Weizhen Tang, and Mayor Rob Ford, shall be whether there is legal action against the peoples that enabled the supposedly malfeasance of Weizhen Tang and Mayor Rob Ford


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  1. Weizhen Tang says:

    Is judge bigger and more powerful than people and voters of toronto and majority of investors in my case?

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