Mayor Rob Ford appeal today. In two days, Chinese Warren Buffett, Ponzi Weizhen Tang sentencing continues

Mayor Rob Ford appeal today. In two days, Chinese Warren Buffett, Ponzi Weizhen Tang sentencing continues

Toronto –January 7, 2013– Funny coincidence again, or cosmic karma?   On November 26, 2012, Ontario Superior Court Justice, Judge Charles Hackland, found Mayor Rob Ford guilty of violating the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.  Hackland ordered Mayor Ford to vacate his seat, within 2 weeks.  Ford successfully applied for a stay, so he wouldn’t have to resign yet, pending an appeal.  That appeal was heard today; before a three-judge panel of the Ontario Divisional Court.

Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, convicted of largest ponzi scheme fraud in Canada

On October 30, 2012, a self-proclaimed Chinese Warren Buffett, named Weizhen Tang, was convicted of being a Chinese Bernie Madoff; convicted of organizing a $52 Million ponzi scheme fraud, one of the largest ponzi scheme frauds in Canada.

Two days from today, after Mayor Rob Ford’s appeal hearing, Tang’s sentencing hearing continues on January 9, 2013.   Tang and his amicus lawyer, Hamilton lawyer, Peter Boushy, who unsuccessfully assisted Weizhen Tang at trial, are not only seeking a lighter sentence against Weizhen Tang.  Tang, in fact, continues to proclaim his complete innocence, often with obscure, rambling  internet and twitter postings; where Weizhen Tang attacks the Canadian and Western justice, legal and financial systems. 

With a touch of the Mayor Rob Ford self-righteouness, of doing no wrong, ponzi scheme organizer, Weizhen Tang claims that he and his wife, Hong Xiao; son Vance; daughter Weiyi, suffered the most, from his ponzi scheme fraud activity –suffering worse than Tang’s investor victims?!  Indeed, Weizhen Tang, recently, revealed to the media and public, a secret that many people would keep private: that Weizhen Tang wife, Hong Xiao, suffered a mental breakdown because of Tang’s ponzi fraud activity.

Perhaps, Weizhen Tang can use his wife’s breakdown to balance the harrowing stories of his ponzi fraud victims, that include stories of Tang’s victims who considered committing suicide, after learning that Weizhen Tang was a ponzi scheme fraud, that had bilked them out of their life savings, in some cases.

Karma, indeed, as both Weizhen Tang and Mayor Rob Ford, both proclaim their utter innocence

There are sad, bizarre echoes between the cases of Mayor Rob Ford, and the Chinese Warren Buffett, Weizhen Tang; two larger-than-life titans, now facing the Canadian justice system. 

To this day, Ford continues to steadfastly deny that he has done any wrong.  What about the money that Mayor Ford received from companies doing business with the city?  According to Mayor Ford, the money involved was a small amount, $3100…  And besides, all the money went to buying football equipment for vulnerable youth…   And in any case, Mayor Rob Ford didn’t know he did anything wrong, because he never read the conflict-of-interest guidelines….

Tang too, acts almost puzzled by his conviction!  In an open letter on December 10, 2012, Tang stated “I did not even know the meaning of the word, much less how to run one (a ponzi scheme fraud).”

The thinking process of Weizhen Tang 

Tang claims he is innocent because he didn’t take any money either.  But at trial, Tang was forced to admit that he took some money, from investors; but that that money was ok, because it was NOT a lot of money… And besides, Tang deserved that money for managing the investor fund –though he lost some $19 Million of the investor fund, versus his very public claims of making amazing investment returns of 1% weekly!  These claims inspired another title used by Weizhen Tang: the King of 1%.

The Government prosecutors, Mr. Gavin Macdonald, and Mr. Robert Gattrell, claimed at trial, that Tang diverted to himself and associated companies, with his wife and daughter, some $2.8 Million.  In fact, in their sentencing submissions, the Crown prosecutors have sought a fine against Weizhen Tang of the $2.8 Million. 

In response, at trial, Tang did not seem to dispute this amount that Ontario Government prosecutors claimed; instead  Tang liked pointing out to the Judge, jury and media, that Weizhen Tang has no private helicopters or private planes, no mansions, no hidden bricks of money…  Critics note that there are no hidden monies that anyone has found yet.  Tang quips back, that the Government has failed to find any hidden money, in some 3 years, since charging Tang with criminal fraud, and Ontario securities violations.

Like Mayor Rob Ford, who did it for the children; Weizhen Tang claims now that he did it for his investors. 

With his legal problems, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues to “fight for the taxpayers” of Toronto.  While to this day, Weizhen Tang tweets and twitters that he is the “anti-fraud,” who can save the investors and people of the world; by showing up the “fraud” of the justice, legal, and financial systems of Canada, the US, and the world.

The decision is expected in a few weeks, in today’s hearing of Mayor Rob Ford’s appeal of Judge Hackland’s decision finding Mayor Ford guilty of conflict-of-interest. 

Weizhen Tang’s sentencing hearing resumes on January 9, 2013. 

While in the same next few weeks, in Weizhen Tang’s case, there is speculation amongst legal experts, that the presiding Judge, Justice Alfred O’Marra, is likely to impose a harsh sentence on Weizhen Tang.  As a former Government Prosecutor, a “Crown” attorney, Justice O’Marra is likely to set an example of Weizhen Tang; especially given Tang’s seemingly complete lack of remorse.  In fact, Tang has mused that if Mayor Rob Ford is forced to resign from office, then Weizhen Tang would run for Mayor of Toronto… 

As bizarre as that may sound, Weizhen Tang enjoys often reminding the media and the public, that he ran for Mayor –ironically, against Rob Ford, in the most recent election of 2010.  Ford garnered some  383,501 votes, 47% of the vote; Tang got some 890 votes, .11 %.   An interesting showing, given that Weizhen Tang was at that time, already charged with criminal fraud.

If Mayor Rob Ford loses his appeal, he would be required to resign his seat; and Toronto politicians, City Council, could  then decide to call a special election.  Amazingly, convicted ponzi scheme organizer, Weizhen Tang enquired, whether in the case of a special election, Tang could run for Mayor of Toronto, while appealing his conviction for fraud…

So today, January 7, 2013, Mayor Rob Ford returns to his office, the Office of the Mayor; pending the decision of his appeal of Judge Charles Hackland.  

While Weizhen Tang, the self-proclaimed King of 1%, the Chinese Warren Buffett, wonders if he should be returning to prison, convicted of being the largest ponzi scheme fraud in Canada, at the time.  Tang returns to court in two days, on January 9, 2013, to continue his sentencing hearing, before Justice Alfred O’Marra.


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