WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s worst and largest ponzi scheme fraud, Weizhen Tang, Chinese Warren Buffett; to become mental health problem case

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s worst and largest ponzi scheme fraud, Weizhen Tang, Chinese Warren Buffett; to become mental health problem case; with surprise application for mental health assessment

Toronto. January 11, 2013 — Weizhen Tang, convicted of a $52 Million ponzi scheme fraud –Canada’s worst and largest ponzi scheme fraud– is revealing another sad and bizarre development; that Weizhen Tang is likely to agree to a motion for a mental health problem assessment. The motion coming from his amicus lawyer, Hamilton lawyer, Mr. Peter Boushy, Weizhen Tang’s amicus lawyer through his lengthy 28-day trial. The trial resulted in a guilty conviction against Tang by a jury.

Weizhen Tang does not see this assessment of his possible mental health problems, as a negative.  Instead, Tang claims that such an assessment would be another step in Tang’s journey to prove his innocence to the Judge, his investors, the media, and the good peoples of Canada, the US, China and the world.

With such a possible surprise development, an application to the presiding Judge, Justice Alfred O’Marra, the legal case of Canada’s worst and largest ponzi scheme fraud, Weizhen Tang, the self-proclaimed Chinese Warren Buffett; transforms into one of Canada’s highest-profile, and worst mental health problem cases.

Such a mental health assessment would likely take several months, if Judge Alfred O’Marra allows the application by amicus lawyer, Mr. Peter Boushy.

A delaying tactic by the convicted ponzi scheme fraud, Mr. Weizhen Tang?

Not likely, as Amicus Peter Boushy is not Weizhen Tang’s defence lawyer, but the “friend of the Court,” as amicus; appointed by the COURT, to ensure justice, and the proper administration of justice and the trial.  What has Amicus Peter Boushy then seen about Weizhen Tang, to have caused Amicus Peter Boushy to have such concern about Weizhen Tang’s mental health, as to seek an application to have Weizhen Tang’s mental health assessed?!

How will this mental health assessment influence the sentencing hearing, and eventual sentencing of Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett –or rather, Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Bernie Madoff, now convicted of Canada’s largest and worst ponzi scheme fraud of his time?

The fall of Weizhen Tang?

What a fall for Weizhen Tang, once one of the most prominent Chinese figures outside of China. Tang was a respected community and international leader, donating and leading campaigns to help relief efforts for disasters in China; organizing one of the world’s largest global goodwill rallies in early 2008; encouraging global friendship and harmony, as criticism against the China Beijing 2008 Olympics, became racism against Chinese peoples around the world.

For years, Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, claimed investment returns of 1% per week, but by 2009, the King of 1%, Weizhen Tang, was forced to admit to his investors in the spring of 2009, that the $52 – $60 Million raised was completely depleted! Convicted on October 30, 2012, Weizhen Tang has had a twisting legal proceeding: jailed after his conviction, for lack of a surety; released with a new pair of surety; until today, where Tang has been battling again, during his sentencing hearing before Judge Alfred O’Marra, and senior Government “Crown” proscecutors, lawyers, Mr. Robert Gattrell, and Mr. Gavin Macdonald.

During the trial, Crown lawyers Gattrell and Macdonald successfully convinced a jury of Weizhen Tang’s guilt. The jury took only an hour or so, to return a guilty verdict against Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett. Since then, Weizhen Tang has continued to shout his innocence, showing no remorse to the public, the media, nor the Judge. Ironically, Tang’s behavior was causing speculation about Tang’s possible mental health problems.

Weizhen Tang’s sentencing

The sentencing hearing of Weizhen Tang resumed after the Christmas holiday on January 9, 2013. It was adjourned by Judge Alfred O’Marra, after he cut off various rantings by the convicted Weizhen Tang, that Judge O’Marra felt inappropriate to the sentencing hearing. Weizhen Tang had launched back into bold attacks against the problems of the justice and financial systems; views that Tang has been putting forward since his criminal fraud charges in 2009.

The sentencing was expected to conclude today.  But with this new surprise application over the mental health of Weizhen Tang, the King of 1%, the Chinese Warren Buffett; the future of Tang’s sentencing may be delayed several months again, if Judge Alfred O’Marra grants a motion for a mental health assessment.

What shall be the ultimate title and legacy associated to Weizhen Tang?    After today’s issue of Tang’s mental health problems,  shall Weizhen Tang fall to disgrace as the convicted Chinese Bernie Madoff?

Over the years, and even at trial, Tang has asked, challenged Crown prosecutors, Mr. Robert Gattrell, and Mr. Gavin Macdonald, and Judge O’Marra; asked and challenged to be allowed to trade again, so he can pay back his investors, and restore the Weizhen Tang name.

Tang’s sentencing hearing continues today.   The Crown prosecutors are seeking 8 to 10 years in jail, restitution, and a ban against Tang’s future trading.  Weizhen Tang is seeking no jail time, the right to future trading, and the restoration of his reputation.  Amicus Peter Boushy is seeking apparently, an assessment of the possible mental health problems of Weizhen Tang, the “Chinese Warren Buffett.”

Shall Weizhen Tang return in the future, and be remembered in history as Weizhen Tang, one of the world’s greatest investmen5t traders, greater than Warren Buffett, as Tang claims?  Shall Weizhen Tang be the “King of 1%“?

Legitimate mental health problems? 

The ultimate Chinese Warren Buffett, the ultimate Chinese Bernie Madoff?  The ultimate sentencing of Mr. Weizhen Tang may be delayed months away again, with this surprise  application development, today.


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