Canadian Justice is a joke. Senator Patrick Brazeau forced “leave of absence.”

Canadian Justice is a joke.  Senator Patrick Brazeau forced “leave of absence.”

Toronto –February 13, 2013–   Yesterday, Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau was forced to take a “leave of absence” from Canada’s upper government chamber.  He is charged with assault and sexual assault.

The action was taken as a vote by Senators,  “in order to protect the dignity and reputation of the Senate and public trust and confidence in Parliament.”

Yet, the media fails to make the BIG issue, that while on leave, Brazeau will continue to earn his full salary of $132,300, plus perks and benefits!   All this, while ordinary peoples in Canada, the USA, China and the world see their taxes going up, their services down; healthcare rationalized!  Not enough money for the poor and needy in Canada?!  But lots of money for a paid leave of absence for a brazen, brash, tainted Canadian Senator…!

No wonder that many people in Canada and the world think the justice system has become a sad joke, indeed.

Brazeau is a sad example indeed, of the many things wrong with the government and the justice system!  For example, Brazeau cannot be fired from his position, as Senator, unless convicted of a major crime.  If his sentence is less than 2 years, the Senate must vote to ouster a convicted Senator!

AND, the criminally convicted Senator gets to keep his FULL PENSION!

All this while the people of Canada, the USA, and the world suffer declining living standards…

Not that he is a shining example of purity, but Weizhen Tang, the self-proclaimed “Chinese Warren Buffett,”  cried out against the injustices of the justice system.  Weizhen Tang was convicted on October 30, 2012, of being the Chinese Bernie Madoff; convicted of organizing a $52 Million ponzi scheme fraud, one of the largest, worst ponzi scheme frauds in Canada.

Justice System is a Joke

Tang would rant about the failures of the Canadian and Western justice, legal and financial systems.  Tang would often write and speak out that the justice system was a “joke.”  Some justice and law enforcement officers would laugh openly at Weizhen Tang’s comments.  But sadly, it looks increasingly like Tang was pointing his finger accurately at the corruption of the Canadian justice system.

Senator Brazeau’s $132,000 paid-leave-of-absence.

Tang was imprisoned several times.  He had heavy bail conditions imposed on him.  Tang and his wife, Mrs Xiao Hong Tang, claim that the heavy-handed justice system is making them destitute.  And all this was done to Weizhen BEFORE his trial and conviction.

Compare to Canadian Senator Brazeau, who seems to be laughing at the peoples and taxpayers of Canada and the world!   His esteemed colleagues in the Canadian Senate have just handed Brazeua a $132,000 paid leave of absence!

Where do people apply for that job?!

Weizhen Tang once ran for Mayor of Toronto against then Councillor, Mayor Rob Ford.  Maybe, one day, Weizhen Tang shall be a Senator of Canada?!


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The Chinese Warren Buffett or the Chinese Bernie Madoff. The King of 1% with investment returns of 1% per week! Or a ponzi scheme. These are recessionary, depression economic times with increasing mass unemployment, financial Wall Street corruption and scams; bank failures and failed, huge government bailouts and stimulus. Check in daily to read about information that can save you, your family, your loved ones, in the upcoming economic and social chaos. Be welcome to email confidentially, your thoughts, information, whistleblower tips about Weizhen Tang, ponzi scheme, government and corporate waste and corruption! Email us confidentially anytime at:
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